Megan Beeching, LMHCA

I’m honored to provide a supportive environment where clients feel listened to, accepted, and understood. I believe this environment, alongside evidence based interventions, allows clients to achieve healing. I work with clients with a myriad of difficulties including ADHD, depression, mood dysregulation, anxiety, trauma, self-injury, grief, stress, parents’ divorce, and parent-child conflict. I work with clients individually and in groups.

I graduated from IPFW's MSEd School Counseling Program in 2011, becoming a licensed school counselor soon after. In 2019, I graduated from IPFW's MSEd Mental Health Program and became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA) the same year.

You can schedule directly with me by email or phone. (260) 216-8088 or click below to email me.


Megan is also trained in EMDR. Learn more about EMDR below.

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