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Abigail Tucker, CCP, LE
with The Ethereal Root

Crystal Practitioner & Intuitive Spiritual Guide

I am a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner and Indiana State Licensed Esthetician. I believe everything is connected through nature, and that we as human beings are nature. The busy lifestyles and fast paced daily activities we have grown accustomed to in our modern world can easily cause us to become disconnected from nature and the energetic connection to Earth energy that’s innately within all of us. Through crystal therapy, energy work, and other Earth medicine workings, I help my clients to find energetic balance, realignment, and energetic clearing within themselves. This work can aid with many physical ailments, mental well being, and spiritual growth. I offer one on one, couples, and group sessions. I look forward to being an ally and guide on your unique journey. 

As an intuitive spiritual guide, I will help you connect to your true, authentic self by empowering you to claim full authorship of your self-healing journey and find your way as you discover your unique spiritual path.


Schedule with me clicking below or through my website.


My Offerings

Chakra Alignment & Cleansing

This is an energy balancing, clearing & healing crystal session. Great for anyone experienced with or new to the energetic healing benefits of natural crystals & stones. 
60 min session

Crystal Healing for Specific Concerns

Is there a specific aspect of your self that you struggle with, such as self-love, abundance, prosperity, spiritual protection, restlessness, anxiety, or anger? A crystal body layout can be a wonderful tool to aid in these and other issues.   
60 min session

Distance Crystal Healing

Any of my crystal healing sessions can be done in a distance setup. By connecting with you and your energy (via zoom or phone) we can tune in to your energy and find the crystals to help facilitate change. All the same energy work will be done as an in person session.
60 min session

Mojo Crystal Bag

If you would like to continue connecting with the crystal ally energies used during our session, you have the option to take them with you afterward.
Prices will vary depending on each individual session & the crystals or stones used.

Crystal Prescription Bag

If you have a stubborn chakra or specific issue we are working on, I can customize a crystal prescription for you to take with you after your session. 
Prices will vary depending on each individual session & the crystals or stones used.

Intuitive Oracle Card Add-on

If you would like to journey deeper, opt to receive any message through the cards and add on an intuitive card reading as an insightful addition to any crystal therapy session.
1 card pull is $3 / 3 card pull is $6.

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