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Erin Bowman, PhD, HSPP

My Approach to Healing

I believe strongly in the human potential to grow and adapt to change. I have worked in mental health for over two decades in a variety of settings and am trained as a counseling psychologist and medical intuitive.


As a psychotherapist, I offer brief therapy that integrates concepts of energy psychology with empowerment, mindfulness, cultural awareness, and evidence-based practices to help clients clear blocks that keep them from reaching their goals. While I enjoy working with clients from all sorts of backgrounds, I have specific interest and expertise in working with other healing practitioners, LGBTQ+ individuals, trauma survivors, and veterans and military service members. I am trained in EMDR and other evidence-based therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.


As a medical intuitive, I combine the knowledge and experience I’ve gained across years in the mental health field with various energetic and metaphysical healing modalities to help clients identify and clear blockages in their energy field that could lead or have led to disease and illness. Some of the healing modalities that I use are Reiki, mindful self-compassion, somatic exercises, connection with guides, crystal therapy, past life regression, and journeying. I also teach other practitioners and healers to tap more deeply into their intuition and manage their energetic boundaries to prevent burnout. I offer these services in individual and group settings.

More about Dr. Bowman

Education & Training

Dr. Bowman completed her bachelor's degree in Psychology & Religious Studies from Indiana University, Bloomington in 2000. She earned a Masters of Science in Counseling from Indiana University in 2004 and her PhD in Counseling Psychology with a focus on gender and multicultural counseling from Ball State University in 2008. 

She worked previously at VA Northern Indiana Healthcare System, Ball State University Counseling Center, and Texas Tech University Student Counseling Center


Dr. Bowman is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), a form of psychotherapy that treats the negative effects of trauma. “Trauma” is defined as any distressing event or experience that someone does not have the skills to deal with at the time of the event. Because we can’t fully process the event in the moment, some of the information can get "stuck" in our minds and our bodies. This “stuck” information then leads to problems such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, shame, etc. EMDR uses bilateral stimulation (lateral eye movements, sounds, or sensations) to reprocess distressing memories, thus “unsticking” the “stuck” trauma. EMDR is thought to work much like REM sleep and it is utilized to reprocess and resolve old memories on an emotional level in ways that traditional “talk therapy” cannot accomplish. Learn more about EMDR here.

Psychology Today

Dr. Bowman is a verified practitioner through Psychology Today. Learn more about her approach here.

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