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Kate Pickens, BA

Counseling Intern

Supervised by Jeni Schutte, PsyD, HSPP

I am a United States Navy veteran, serving as a Hospital Corpsman from 2001 – 2006.
After getting out of the Navy, I received my undergraduate degree from Indiana-Purdue
University of Fort Wayne in 2010. I am currently a graduate student at The University of
Phoenix in the internship phase of my coursework for a master’s degree in Clinical
Mental Health Counseling.

Together, we will work to deepen your awareness and understanding of your needs,
desires, and patterns of relating, so you may experience a more authentic and fulfilling
life. My theoretical orientation is Humanism, which utilizes a more holistic approach, to
help you better understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, what they mean, and
how they relate to your present-day struggles and challenges. It is my belief that
emphasizing an individual’s positive traits and behaviors promotes growth, healing, and
fulfillment within themselves.

I am also a proponent of equine-assisted therapy, which allows a connection between
people and horses to enhance physical or emotional healing. Additionally, I like using
crystal therapy and aromatherapy to facilitate a holistic therapeutic experience.

I currently do not accept insurance. The fee is $25 per session, but this is negotiable.

Kate Pickens / Counseling Intern: TeamMember

Kate and her supervisor Dr. Jeni also facilitate our Mind Over Mood group.

Kate Pickens / Counseling Intern: Text
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